5 Facts About My Sessions

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Ever wonder about what goes on during a boudoir sessions?

I’m pretty open about what a session with muuuuahh consists of. You drive to St. James Salon and get glammed up by one of their fabulous makeup artists, which normally takes an hour. After your done getting glammed you then make the scenic drive out to Boudoir By Chee location and we chat about outfits and which order they go in. Literally two hours are all about YOU! You’ll be looking and feeling like a damn queen, posing like you're a natural born model. 

Sonoma County, ca | Outdoor Boudoir | Napa Valley | Wine Country | Boudoir By Chee

What else could you need to know? 

I pose you 100%! Half the time I will get into the pose so you can see the pose before you jump into it yourself. I will adjust your feet, hands, tell you what to do with your face (chin up, eyes down, part your lips and breath), I’ll tell you to mess your hair up ( touch it & flip it). If posing has been a stressor for you stress less cause I got your back! 

Sonoma County, Ca | Outdoor boudoir | Wine Country | Sonoma County Photographer

I’ll help you pair your outfits, head from toe. Whether it’s the girl next door look and you need the perfect pair knee high socks to match the lace undies or veil to match the perfect jewelry set! Each outfit you wear is rare to you and nobody else wears it like you. You are dazzling and rare individual and it makes sense that your outfits resemble that too. WORK IT GIRL! 

Sonoma County, Ca | Outdoor boudoir | Wine Country | Sonoma County Photographer

You are going to be sore. YES. You are going to be put in poses that will push your body’s limits. Whether you're a gym fein or your workout is walking to the fridge (anyone relate? Or is that just me?) you will feel the soreness. Lots of stretching, drinking lots of water throughout the day and just prepping your mind that you could feel like you went to the gym and worked out. You basically have but you look freaking amazing in the photos. 

Sonoma County, Ca | Outdoor boudoir | Wine Country | Sonoma County Photographer

Taking a break is OK! If at any point you need to take a break, drink some water, stretch - whatever you need. I want you to be comfortable and if your shaking while I have you posed, tell me! 

Sonoma County, Ca | Outdoor boudoir | Wine Country | Sonoma County Photographer

Your boudoir session with me will be the beginning ( or maybe an on going )  go your self love journey. You should see yourself as other see you, absolutely stunning! I’m going to help you embrace your body, celebrate it, and give it the same affection you give to everyone else. You are authentic, you are worthy, you are a force and it's time you recognized yourself that way because I do. I don’t allow any negativity during your shoot ;-)

Sonoma County, Ca | Outdoor boudoir | Wine Country | Sonoma County Photographer

I hope you learned some interesting fun facts about my sessions if you haven’t had one yourself (YET!). If you’ve had a Boudoir By Chee experience and I missed something let me know below in the comments. I want you to have the best time!


Payment Plans for EVERYBODY | Sonoma County, Ca

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How to take Advantage of 

Boudoir Payment Plans 

Invest in YOU. Boudoir sessions are an investment. Like most investments they require your time, effort, your approval and yes, your hard earned cash. Boudoir sessions are a  big investment in so many ways but giiiiiiirl, its  worth it. You’ve got to decide how much time and effort but I can help with numbers. There are many perks to signing up for payment plans, so let’s dig into the deets!

Boudoir sessions are more than just money transactions it should be a life changing experience and  enrolling in a payment plan will help you do that. 

The Perks to Payment Plans

I have two options if you need more time to pay off your products you'd like to order. If you have any questions about the following options, please don't hesitate to ask!

  1. When purchasing a photo package and product through PayPal, you get your products right away! If you are interested in opening a line of credit for your session, one way you are able to do that is through Paypal credit lines. Here at Boudoir By Chee all my invoices are digital, and can be paid using Paypal credit, or any other credit card, if you so desire. One benefit of a credit line vs. my payment plan is that Boudoir By Chee is being paid up front. There's no wait on product or photos as with our payment plan. Paypal and the client handle paying off the session without Boudoir By Chee’s involvement. You are essentially able to create your own payment plan.

  2. You can prepay for artwork! If your session is a few months out, your totally able to pay in advance. Then, when it’s viewing day your order is already partially or fully paid for #MerryChristmas! You don’t have to limit yourself  because of your budget.

  3. Payment plans help take some stress and worry when you get your gallery, I want you to be happy and excited !  You shouldn't be worrying about how you’ll pay for your products. Payment plans open up multiple options for your budget. 

Ladies use these ! Boudoir is part of an incredible self love journey that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Don’t miss out on it because you’re worried about the Investment.  I want you to have an boudoir experience you’ll talk about for years to come 🖤

Ready to celebrate YOU? Let’s chat!

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Full Name

5 Facts About Me

I feel like I’m pretty open with you all, so your probably wondering what else I could possibly have to tell you? Well get ready babes ;-) 

| Sonoma County | Photographer

5 random facts about Me, your boudoir photographer

  • I’am extremely clumsy, like get up from the chair trip over my pant leg, slide across the floor and hit the wall kind of clumsy. I almost trip and fall at least once during a session! 

  • I LOVE cheese!! Cheese is life. Cheese goes on everything ( except ice cream because that would be weird). I’m also sensitive to certain cheeses so its become a love hate relationship! 

  • Peoples love for summer is how I feel for winter. Winter is cleansing and makes everything clean and to me  thats magic! 

  • I love road trips. Even driving somewhere new in CA is fun, definitely love exploring!  

Sonoma County | Boudoir | Photographer

Bonus Fact: Even when its extremely hot out I have five blankets on me LOL. 

Did you learn anything new? Let me know! 



Smokey & Sexy | Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Brand Ambassador Miss K. finally got her time in front of the camera! She (and others) have been an enormous help to the Boudoir By Chee Empowerment Tribe. I was so happy she was ready to test out the boudoir waters- see what I did there ;-) 

Makeup by  Stevie  from  St James Salon

Makeup by Stevie from St James Salon

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer


What we both didn’t plan for was Californias wildfire smoke to blow into Sonoma County and become part of her session. 

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir By Chee Photographer
Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir By Chee Photographer


The smoke added a whole other level to Miss K. session, and it weaved its way in and fit her bright glittery personality perfectly!

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Miss K's session proves yet another reason why I love taking ladies outside for their boudoir experience! Never know what natural element will add to a session!

Heres to Miss K and all the ladies before and after her walking on the wild side.



Sexy Miss K. goes Splash! | Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Dipping Toes on a Hot Summer Day

Miss K. happen to have her session on one of those hot Sonoma County days, so I suggested a pond shoot! I have this cute pond where I shoot, and it was the perfect addition to a boudoir summer session… and to cool off from the heat!

The pond when the fog comes in! 

The pond when the fog comes in! 

We started out at the usual spot with some sexy lingerie.

Petaluma, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Rohnert Park, CA Boudoir Photographer
Santa Rosa, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Windsor, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Once we were tired of the heat and got the poses, I was looking for we headed down the road (30 sec) to the pond to cool off and get some excellent shots in the water.

Windsor, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Healdsburg, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

 While the pond helped cool us off, we had to be careful! Miss K was grateful for the cooldown but had to watch her step because of drop-offs, and I almost fell in camera in all!!!

Quick clip from behind the scenes!

Napa, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Needless to say, if you can get past the muddy bottom of the pond it's an excellent option to add on and cool down!

Drop some love on comments below & look for next weeks blog post!! 



What Happens during your session | Sonoma County, California Boudoir Photographer

The low down during a session with Boudoir By Chee

Most ladies are super nervous it’s OKAY! Your stressin’ for nothing girlfriend, it's totally fun!

The day of your shoot you start out at St. James Salon to get beautified by Lauren Durling or her other makeup artist Stephen Martinez. Both are amazing at what they do and understand that this is a massive step for you! When you're done at the salon with the fab makeup artists, you’ll make the drive out to my place which is a bit of a trip however totally freaking worth it!! 

When you arrive at my spot, I’ll be waiting for you with a smile and a hug, and then your session has begun! 

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

1. When you arrive:  

We lay ALL your outfits and accessories out and chat about your favorite outfit and put your outfits in order. 

Napa, ca photographer


2. Walking:

We walk to all my favorite shoot spots which aren’t far at all! I always recommend bringing a pair of slip-on shoes. 

Sonoma, ca Photographer | boudoir


3. Strike a pose: 

I’ll walk you through posing head to toe as we chat about life. It's kind of like a fun therapy session ;-) 

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photography


4. After Shooting:

I go over the process of editing, your private gallery and getting products back to you! 


After all the worrying you go home feeling free as a bird and wait for my 72-hour sneak peek!!!

Sonoma County, ca Boudoir Photography

Have any questions don't be afraid to ask them below!! I'd love to hear from you :-) 



Sexy Jungly Beach Shoot | Miss M. | Sonoma County, California Boudoir Photographer

Beach boudoir session on the Sonoma County Coast

We planned to do a beach shoot but what we weren’t expecting was how windy it would be I mean its summer after all. Miss M was a freaking champ and rocked the hell out of her boudoir shoot in the small cove we found in Jenner, ca. 

On our way to the beach we walked through a miniature jungle

On our way to the beach we walked through a miniature jungle

Makeup and hair by the fabulous Lauren Durling from   St. James Salon

Makeup and hair by the fabulous Lauren Durling from St. James Salon

Santa Rosa, Ca Photography Photographer
Petaluma, Ca Photography Photographer

Miss M came prepared and man o man that burgundy swimsuit was to die for!

Napa, Ca Boudoir Photography Photographer
Sonoma, Ca Boudoir Photography Photographer

This is Miss M’s second shoot with me and I was so happy to switch up the location for her special shoot. Congratulations Miss M for all the wonderful things coming your way!!! 




Sonoma County’s Sparkling Spirit

Boudoir meets Miss K

Every client brings me a new experience it's ONE thing I love about boudoir photography. It's not just sexy photos but a personal connection with each gorgeous lady! When I met miss K, she came to me with a smile and a sparkling excitement that exuded off of her! 

Sonoma County Boudoir
Santa Rosa, Ca boudoir
Petaluma, Ca Boudoir

Worried about your boudoir photos? 

During her session, we chatted about husbands, and our lives and one thing that came up was her work. She told me she couldn’t have her pictures out on the internet because of the type of job she has. Of course, I was bummed because well she was KILLIN her session. But when she got her photos back, she let me crop some to conceal her identity, which made me super grateful and excited. It can be exciting to see your photos out there and people being wowed, its another surge of confidence. So if you're in the same boat as miss K then #cropit OR they can remain for eyes only!! 

Sonoma County Photography
Napa Boudoir
Sonoma Photographer


Have questions about sessions visit the FAQS or contact me!



Miss M’s Sexy Boudoir Sweater session in Sonoma County

Makeup was done by the fabulous  Stevie Martinez  from  St. James Salon .in Santa Rosa, Ca 

Makeup was done by the fabulous Stevie Martinez from St. James Salon.in Santa Rosa, Ca 


Miss M has been following me since the beginning! Moreover, when I say the beginning I mean when I was shooting everything under the sun, and  I had no clue boudoir sessions were a thing! 

Miss M reached out to me and said her birthday was coming up and she wanted to do something for herself and a boudoir photo shoot was it! She made the trek from Hidden Valley all the way out to the tippy top of where I shoot in Sonoma County!

This babe rocked her session like a boss and as a boudoir photographer I couldn't be more pleased! 

Sonoma County
So in love with Miss M's cream colored sweater! 

So in love with Miss M's cream colored sweater! 

Doesn't  Stevie  do a killer job with the makeup!??

Doesn't Stevie do a killer job with the makeup!??

ALL about the booty! 

ALL about the booty! 

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