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Boudoir meets Miss K

Every client brings me a new experience it's ONE thing I love about boudoir photography. It's not just sexy photos but a personal connection with each gorgeous lady! When I met miss K, she came to me with a smile and a sparkling excitement that exuded off of her! 

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Worried about your boudoir photos? 

During her session, we chatted about husbands, and our lives and one thing that came up was her work. She told me she couldn’t have her pictures out on the internet because of the type of job she has. Of course, I was bummed because well she was KILLIN her session. But when she got her photos back, she let me crop some to conceal her identity, which made me super grateful and excited. It can be exciting to see your photos out there and people being wowed, its another surge of confidence. So if you're in the same boat as miss K then #cropit OR they can remain for eyes only!! 

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