Sexy Miss K. goes Splash! | Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Dipping Toes on a Hot Summer Day

Miss K. happen to have her session on one of those hot Sonoma County days, so I suggested a pond shoot! I have this cute pond where I shoot, and it was the perfect addition to a boudoir summer session… and to cool off from the heat!

The pond when the fog comes in! 

The pond when the fog comes in! 

We started out at the usual spot with some sexy lingerie.

Petaluma, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Rohnert Park, CA Boudoir Photographer
Santa Rosa, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Windsor, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Once we were tired of the heat and got the poses, I was looking for we headed down the road (30 sec) to the pond to cool off and get some excellent shots in the water.

Windsor, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Healdsburg, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

 While the pond helped cool us off, we had to be careful! Miss K was grateful for the cooldown but had to watch her step because of drop-offs, and I almost fell in camera in all!!!

Quick clip from behind the scenes!

Napa, Ca Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Needless to say, if you can get past the muddy bottom of the pond it's an excellent option to add on and cool down!

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