Nature is wicked beautiful and so are you!

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It's no secret I have a love for outdoors. I mean, who spends their vacation with a forty-pound backpack living in the dirt for weeks- YUP me! There's a reason I do it, though. The views are almost always killer, but I do it for a few reasons. You're probably wondering what this has to do with boudoir? Read and find out...

The first reason is not the most significant one, but it matters. I do it to prove to myself I am strong, capable, and worthy. I can backpack thirty plus miles with just the essentials to survive. At the end of my long trip, I come out dirty, tired and bruised but I fucking climbed that mountain. I survived the wild.


The second is ( and maybe it should be part of the section above ) it's healing. Plain and simple. I do it because it's a chance to get away and reflect. No social media, distractions just the wilderness, my pack and one task... to make it back to the car alive. In all seriousness, though to sit and walk through nature gives you time to think about life, the things you have going on in life and want to change.

I realized when I was on a backpacking trip, I could combine my love for the outdoors and boudoir photography. I could make it a raw, wild, and empowering experience for my clients.

I love shooting boudoir sessions outside; mother nature is wicked beautiful and capturing clients outside with no walls to hide behind is FREEING and adds to the experience! My husband and I are lucky to own and live on 1800 acre ranch out on the Sonoma County coast. Being able to provide a private outdoor experience to my clients is something I love!