Ms.T’s Boudoir Experience | Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

Napa, CA | Boudoir Photographer

Were you nervous about your session?

I was nervous! But fortunately Charity was very welcoming from the start. Her thoroughness and pointers before and during the shoot were extremely helpful with knowing more of what to expect. It made all the difference!

What did you like best about your boudoir experience?

I loved that Charity offers an outside boudoir experience. It made it so much fun creating photos!

What inspired you to book a boudoir session?

I wanted to do a boudoir photo book for my soon to be hubby but I also did it for me. As many women I have struggled with my insecurities and I wanted to do something that would remind me I am beautiful in my own way and I should embrace that! 

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer
Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer

What made you choose Boudoir By Chee?

One of my friends had done a session with Charity and highly recommended her. 

 Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

It absolutely did! I am not going to lie, first getting into my first outfit the nerves were high but after Charity talked me through poses and made me feel oh so comfortable I was feeling myself ;) Then, seeing the final photos I was SO happy!

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer
San Francisco, CA | Boudoir Photographer

 Would you recommend this experience to a friend?

I would! It's a great way to boost up your confidence and embrace your beauty!

Hope you all enjoyed Ms. T’s look into her boudoir experience.