The Woman behind the camera

Hello, my name is Charity I'm the owner and photographer of Boudoir By Chee. One of the most asks questions I get is where does "Chee" come from, and how did I get into boudoir photography? 

The name Chee is a nickname given to me by my youngest sister because she couldn't pronounce my name; it's just stuck with me ever since. Most of my family and friends call me Chee, and so it seemed fitting to use that! 


I've always had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. It's always interested me that I could take a picture of something and have it forever. I grew up on a nature preserve, so as you can imagine, I'm very fond of nature. I spent much of my time hiking around with my camera and my dogs taking pictures. When I graduated high school, I pursued a whole different career but found myself longing to create art. So naturally, I started a career in the photography industry. 

I spent five years photographing everything (families, weddings, children and so on.) but it never fully satisfied me. One day I photographed a friend who requested "sexy photos" as a gift for her husband, and when she got them back, she was utterly shocked and teary-eyed. I sat there thinking, "Oh my god, she hates them!" I ended up asking her, "Do you not like them?" She looked at me like I was crazy and told me she loved them. She said she never realized she could look like a goddess! She left with a smile on her face, shoulders back, and confidence radiating off of her. 

After her session, I booked a few more boudoir sessions. After that I knew boudoir photography was right for me. I could relate to most of the women booking with me. I could make a difference and use my camera to do that!

Let me tell you all a bit about what my company believes in and why boudoir is so fabulous for women. Boudoir photography is so so much more than sexy photo's. If you ask most of my clients, they will tell you it's like a fun therapy session, who knew therapy could be fun, right?!


I meet women who lack self-confidence in themselves physically and mentally. Women who don't think they are worthy of love, women who don't make time for themselves and women who have endured hardships. Some ladies are doing great in life in want to celebrate a milestone or remember their bodies as they are now.

Boudoir photography is traditionally done inside typically a bedroom setup, but as I said before, I'm a lover of the outdoors. I know how healing and beautiful nature can be. That's why 99% of my sessions are photographed outside in a private setting. I like my clients to experience how freeing it can be in such a vulnerable state, no walls to hide behind. 

Women who do a boudoir session with me typically say it was so freeing a breath of fresh air. They felt more confident after having a session with me, felt empowered, which usually inspires them to pursue something they've wanted to do and feel more sure about their body and the skin they're in. Women who see themselves through the eyes of another, especially a more private eye hits home. 

That's what boudoir is about, creating emotion and changing a women's view of herself that she's so negatively persuaded herself to believe in. Women have a terrible habit of getting a negative thought and running with it. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes, but if I can help change that just a little bit I've done my job. 

Thanks again for tuning in!