What Happens during your session | Sonoma County, California Boudoir Photographer

The low down during a session with Boudoir By Chee

Most ladies are super nervous it’s OKAY! Your stressin’ for nothing girlfriend, it's totally fun!

The day of your shoot you start out at St. James Salon to get beautified by Lauren Durling or her other makeup artist Stephen Martinez. Both are amazing at what they do and understand that this is a massive step for you! When you're done at the salon with the fab makeup artists, you’ll make the drive out to my place which is a bit of a trip however totally freaking worth it!! 

When you arrive at my spot, I’ll be waiting for you with a smile and a hug, and then your session has begun! 

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photographer

1. When you arrive:  

We lay ALL your outfits and accessories out and chat about your favorite outfit and put your outfits in order. 

Napa, ca photographer


2. Walking:

We walk to all my favorite shoot spots which aren’t far at all! I always recommend bringing a pair of slip-on shoes. 

Sonoma, ca Photographer | boudoir


3. Strike a pose: 

I’ll walk you through posing head to toe as we chat about life. It's kind of like a fun therapy session ;-) 

Sonoma County, Ca Boudoir Photography


4. After Shooting:

I go over the process of editing, your private gallery and getting products back to you! 


After all the worrying you go home feeling free as a bird and wait for my 72-hour sneak peek!!!

Sonoma County, ca Boudoir Photography

Have any questions don't be afraid to ask them below!! I'd love to hear from you :-)