5 Facts About Me

I feel like I’m pretty open with you all, so your probably wondering what else I could possibly have to tell you? Well get ready babes ;-) 

| Sonoma County | Photographer

5 random facts about Me, your boudoir photographer

  • I’am extremely clumsy, like get up from the chair trip over my pant leg, slide across the floor and hit the wall kind of clumsy. I almost trip and fall at least once during a session! 

  • I LOVE cheese!! Cheese is life. Cheese goes on everything ( except ice cream because that would be weird). I’m also sensitive to certain cheeses so its become a love hate relationship! 

  • Peoples love for summer is how I feel for winter. Winter is cleansing and makes everything clean and to me  thats magic! 

  • I love road trips. Even driving somewhere new in CA is fun, definitely love exploring!  

Sonoma County | Boudoir | Photographer

Bonus Fact: Even when its extremely hot out I have five blankets on me LOL. 

Did you learn anything new? Let me know!