MissChee Photography Pursuit

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the thinnest one of all?”

Women struggle with self-image because we constantly manifest the unrealistic physical hopelessness that is portrayed through the media.  It often leaves us feeling run-down, unattractive and bottom rung.

I am here to tell you that - You are gorgeous!

Do you realize that you’re beautiful? Are you still trying to fit into an absurd image, thinking you could fix that one thing? Do you want fulfillment by losing a few extra pounds or trying to hide each imperfection? Stop - you are already out-of-this-world stunning, just the way you are. 

At MissChee Photography, I provide professional hair and makeup services, not to make you look better, but to help you see that you are dazzlingly beautiful. 

When you know how fabulous you are, that confidence radiates from your photos, and that is the absolute difference between what you see in the mirror now and your photo's. 

Confidence is absolutely a beautiful thing. It’s what we all need. 

Self-acceptance and confidence is what I bring out of women when I photograph them. It is my job as your photographer to find the inner model that I know you are inside. 

I think most of us forget what it’s like to be beautiful, confident and strong. It’s easy to forget with our busy lives. This adventure is for you to feel that again…because you’re perfect now.