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It’s the way my favorite little black dress hugs my curves. A certain shade of lipstick. Brand new stockings.Perfect heels. The perfect hair cut. A push up bra. Making a big sale. A really long bubble bath. A night out on the town. The way my partner looks at me.

Pushing myself during a hard work out. Holding hands in public. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car. The perfect pair of jeans. It’s the little things that make me feel great about myself. It’s the little things that make me feel sexy.

Feeling sexy means different things to every woman. Whether it’s clothing. a partner or something completely random while walking down the street. Everywoman deserves to feel sexy!

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer
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It’s not just a photo shoot. Or putting on some cute lingerie and get your hair done (although those are pretty awesome things on their own). 

The confidence you will gain will last a life time. The memories of how you felt will never fade. And the look on the face of your special someone when you share the photos is one you’ll remember forever. This is about finding the beauty deep inside you and bringing it to the surface. For boudoir photos, I fully edit every single image. There is no limit to how many photos I will take. On average most individuals receive around 30-50 images to view and we’ll help you with the selections for your beautiful album. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a closet stocked with agent provocateur and lacy things. I will help style you from top to bottom so that you look your very best. My lingerie closet includes all different sizes and styles of lingerie that you’re welcome to use. Make sure to bring your own selection as well.

I want you to look and feel your best during your session and i’m proud to be partnered with St. James Salon, who offers professional hair and makeup. I notice that women are nervous when they first walk in our doors. But after hair and makeup they stand a little bit taller. Smile a little bit bigger. And have an added bounce in their step. It’s the perfect way to start off the experience.

While a boudoir session is all about finding your beauty inside, we all know how the perfect little black dress or perfect lipstick color can make us feel like a million bucks. Pamper yourself before your session - you deserve it!

Try on your outfits the day before your session to make sure everything fits.

Be conscious of body hair as it stands out in photos. If waxing make sure to have it done 3-5 days prior so any bumps have time to heal.

Moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your shoot. But nothing new that might cause you to break out.

Make sure your nails are shaped nicely and painted if you’d like.

Get lots of rest in the days leading up to your session.

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir is more than just a photoshoot.

It is an experience.



Our pricing is simple! First you start with session fee that includes your 30 minute in-person consultation appointment to go over your session, 1.5 hour creative session, professional editing of images and includes professional makeup application by St James Salon.

This session fee reserves a spot on my calendar. Products are priced separately!

$300 session fee


A la Carte Menu

Folio Box:

Portfolio of mounted and matted images in a gorgeous keep sake box. Perfect to keep private or show off.

10 images: 900

15 images: 1200

20 images: 1500

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer

Wall Art:

8x12’’ 250

16x24’’ 500

20x30’’ 900

24x36’’ 1200

40x60’’ 1500


Stunning albums; Leather or Linen options

8x8’’ (20 images): $1200

10x10’’ (30 images): $1500

12x12’’ (40 images): $1800

Digital Collection (Add-on ONLY): $750

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Boudoir Collections

Collection I - 2600 (4650 Value)

10x10’’ Album w/ 30 images

10-image Folio Box

(3) 16x24’’ Metal Prints

Full Digital File Collection

Collection II 1500 (2200 Value)

8x8’’ Album w/ 20 images

Full Digital File Collection

8x12’’ Metal Print

Collection III 900 (1150 Value)

10-image Folio Box

8x12’’ Metal Print


Are you ready to book your boudoir experience?

Email me and we’ll get started!

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer


I'm an artist and a storyteller using my art to take you on a self-love self-discovery journey.I would rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late. I enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning. I prefer wearing jeans and boots than anything else (country at heart). It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so have a beer. I cherish my little boy – even when he drives me up the wall. I am an artist at heart, and my camera feels like it’s an extension of me.

We are our own worst critic, and I am here to show everyone they are beautiful and powerful and can do absolutely anything! I'm someone who embraces what I do and spends every day making others feel amazing and help them admire themselves! We are all worthy, and we should embrace it! I am here to help everyone see their beauty and celebrate it!

Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer