San Francisco, CA | Boudoir Photographer
Charity was very welcoming from the start. Her thoroughness and pointers before and during the shoot were extremely helpful with knowing more of what to expect. It made all the difference!
I loved that Charity offers an outside boudoir experience. It made it so much fun creating photos!
I wanted to do a boudoir photo book for my soon to be hubby but I also did it for me. As many women I have struggled with my insecurities and I wanted to do something that would remind me I am beautiful in my own way and I should embrace that!
It’s a great way to boost up your confidence and embrace your beauty!
— Ms. C
Vacaville, CA | Boudoir Photographer a
Seeing all of Charity’s amazing work made me want to book with her!
I felt so confident, which doesn’t happen often. I ended up showing other people besides my husband because I felt so beautiful!
— Mrs. L
Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer
I’d always been curious about dong a boudoir shoot. I especially love photographers who are size-inclusive and who promote body positivity and beauty across all shapes & sizes. I myself didn’t look like I wanted to look when I finally did a shoot, but I talked myself into doing it as a birthday present for myself. I figured, even if I lost the weight I wanted to, I probably will never be comfortable enough with my body to say that it was thin/good enough to jump in. And, if by some miracle, I ever do look that way, it’ll probably be years from now and I’ll have some other excuse (I’m too old, too wrinkly, etc.) to latch onto. I’d rather do the shoot and risk it regretting not looking how I wanted to (which is not how it turned out!), than never do a shoot and regret not taking the chance at all.

I saw Charity recommended by someone else who’d done a shoot with her. I love photography as an art form and follow many photographers, so I decided to see what she was all about. I lurked in her group for several weeks, watching her post pics of her sessions (which are GORGEOUS) and just watching the overall body-positive vibe of the group. I really connected to what I saw and appreciated how she makes everyone feel safe, appreciated, and beautiful!
— Mrs. T
San Francisco, Ca | Boudoir Photographer
This is my 2nd session with Charity and she always makes me feel so comfortable. I always feel so beautiful and confident during the shoot and once I see the pictures as well!
— Ms. M
Charity is AMAZING! The location was beautiful and she made me feel totally comfortable and gave me all the direction I needed. My photos were flawless - best gift ever for my husband, and I’m SO happy I did it!
— Miss V.
This was THE BEST Christmas present I ever could have gotten myself. The shoot was so much fun and Charity makes you feel so comfortable and confident. I would recommend Charity’s shoots to anyone! You will walk out of them feeling empowered and sexy
— Miss E
5R7A6235NEWEDIT copy.jpg
I had so much fun with this girl! She makes you feel so comfortable. Very talented! Knows what shot that will make you look like a million bucks! Thanks again for the great shoot! Can’t wait for the next one! (;
— Miss K.
My pictures came out so bomb! I love how your not afraid to stand in some mucky moss to get a good angle or waist deep in the creek! It was so much fun, thank you!
— Miss K.
I seriously had the best time doing my photo shoot, I was super comfortable and ridiculously excited. The pictures turned out beautifully! Thank you, Charity for taking my photos and making the pictures experience fun and enjoyable! Definitely doing it again!
— Miss A.
5R7A0023NEWEDIT copy.jpg
Last weekend I did my first boudoir session ever. I really didn’t know what to expect or really how to position myself or really what to do over all. But, the great photographer that Charity is, made the entire experience amazing and comfortable for me. She directed me with ease and made me feel very comfortable (especially in the public open space). I highly recommend anyone looking to take boudoir photographs, to get them taken with her. Stop waiting for those five or ten pounds to go away and just do it, do it for you!
— Sarah R.
Vacaville, CA | Boudoir Photographer
Yes, I was so nervous about my session! It was so far from something I would ever feel “confident” doing but, I felt like I had to do it! Step out of my comfort zone and see how it would feel, how the photos would look!
I LOVED the confidence boost, I LOVED that I had a little morning to myself and most of all I loved how comfortable it made me feel in my own skin. I walked away empowered and it was just another fun stop on the longggggg train of wedding planning that felt easy and just for me and my future hubby! I feel like when you are wedding planning it’s so easy to get caught up in planning and doing a million and one things to make sure the day is perfect for all of your guests, it was really nice to take the day to just do something for strictly US.
I got my photos back I seriously could cry. The amount of confidence and self love I felt was unreal! I’ve always struggled with being “OK” with my body, and how I look in the mirror. From counting macros, working out and always watching what I eat, I feel like sometimes it can be so detrimental and I forget to look in the mirror and appreciate the hard work and love my body even on my “bloaty” days. This experience made me take a step back and realize I need to love and appreciate my body no matter what.
— Ms. B
Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer
I have been following Charity for years on social media and all her work has always been amazing so doing a shoot with her just seemed perfect.
I loved how creative Charity is and the enthusiasm she has to make the shoot amazing. I absolutely love that the shoot was outside and nature was utilized so well, it truly creatures the perfect backdrop!
— Ms. R
Sonoma County, CA | Boudoir Photographer
I have always felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’m tiny so most of the time I feel like I look scrawny but not with Charity. Omg, the images were amazing, and I felt so great after my session.
I would absolutely recommend doing this to a friend! I would and may do it again in the near future.
Thank you so much Charity!!
— K.
5R7A4202 copy.jpg
For anyone on the fence about doing this- make the jump!!!! These photos far surpassed all of my expectations! Invest in yourself and do it! The property is amazing, and outdoor environment adds another level of artistry and beauty to the sessions. Not only was it super fun, Charity’s work is AMAZING. Quick turn around time, always available to help answer any questions both before and after- Charity is your go to girl for Sonoma County Boudoir <3
— Miss S.
Miss C.
Thank you so much for an amazing photo shoot!!! The pictures look sooooo amazing! Thank you for being patient with Mr. Johnny Cash I’m so happy we were able to get some cute pictures with him in it without his grumpy face. And thank you for helping me become more comfortable and confident 💕💕💕 you are the best!!
— Miss C.
5R7A1996NEWEDIT copyMC.jpeg
I just got my pics from Charity and they look great!!! I can’t wait to show my husband!
ladies if you haven’t booked a session you need to right now! Charity makes it so easy and so much fun there’s nothing to be scared of!
— Miss H.
_MG_6593 copy.jpg
Fun to work with and she makes you feel awesome!
— Aunalisa C.
I am so happy with how my shoot turned out! I’ve always been really shy about my body, so I was nervous going into this but Charity is awesome and made me feel super comfortable! My photos turned out amazing and my boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier! I think every woman should do a shoot like this, it really is empowering, even if your 5 months pregnant! Thank you so much Charity!!
— Ashleigh M.